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Weatherproof Your Phone ---065

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Phones aren’t made to be 100% waterproof. This can be an inconvenience because you won’t be able to bring your phone with you for some activities. What if you had a clear bag that lets you operate your phone in the water? You might think the functionality would be different, but it hardly is. A waterproof phone bag can do all sorts of things a phone without a bag can do. Actually, upon testing it, there is little to no difference at all. The only issue may be the camera quality because it is being filtered by a transparent screen. But other than that, you can choose to play music, take pictures, film videos, and much more, basically anything that you can do on your phone, you can choose to do it underwater. I think the best feature is the ability to store your valuables. Think about it, would you feel confident putting your valuables in your car or the locker room? There is always a risk for it to be stolen. Keeping your valuables on hand is the safest place it can be. Another insurance that comes with this item is a lanyard. You can wrap it around your neck or wrist, giving you extra security in your belongings. The extra room will easily fit your phone, even if it has a case attached to it.

This would be the ideal product to bring along to a beach, a pool party, or a boating trip. The functionality of the item is perfect. After extensive testing and submerging my phone in water, it came out dry and spotless after each test. I think most people’s thoughts on the waterproof bag is that it kind of inhibits the usage of the phone. You can’t access some things like fingerprint scanning and it may suffer from reduced audio quality. Other than those things mentioned above, I think it’s a great item for any weather condition, especially the summer. Not only does it seal out water, it can also keep out dust and sand which can easily get into the holes of your phone.