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Travel With a Cup Holder--052

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Walking your baby in a stroller is a full time task. Temperatures can get hot during the summer, so bringing a drink with you is a must, especially if it is a long walk. You can also carry milk just in case your baby starts crying. There are many things to pay attention to when you are walking, so it can be even more difficult if you are carrying a drink with you but have nowhere to put it. If your stroller does not have a built in cup holder, you would have to push with one hand and hold your drink in the other. Luckily for you, we sell just the product for that purpose. This cup holder is not only designed for strollers but you can also use it on bicycle handlebars, shopping carts, or other railing type design. If you go shopping, you can stuff this in your bag and snap it on a shopping cart. Most malls and stores have food courts, so carrying a drink with you while shopping can be tedious. This cup holder has a tall brim, so you can fit most medium-large sized drinks without worrying about it toppling over or spilling. There are 3 small legs surrounding the cup holder, which lets you fit small narrow containers too. It keeps the cup secured and tense. Some cup holders are only one size which lets you only fit one size cup. This cup lets you fit any size and it will keep the cup stable while you are walking. You can also adjust the knob, letting you mount the cup holder from almost any angle. It only attaches to a railing type designs, so make sure the clamp is tight otherwise your cup holder might fall. This product is perfect for on-the-go activities and it’s very easy to install. Unscrew the knob, clamp it to the position you want, then tighten the knob again. You can view the product here: