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Summer Package For Your Trip ---067

Posted by Cindy Z on

It’s still summer time, many people would like to go out with their families or friends whenever they have time. Where would you like to go? Too the beach? Picnic? Camping? Whenever you go to these places, it is difficult to find a clean and comfortable place to lie down, take a rest or set your drink, food or clothes on, right? If you bring a regular blanket, it is not convenient and not waterproof.

We want to introduce a waterproof mat which could be put on the ground or on the beach so that you can have a clean and comfortable spot to lie down and take a rest or put your food and drink on. The material of this mat is made of plastic, it is pretty lightweight. The size is about 2 meter * 1.5 meter. When you don’t need it, it could be storage in a small bag which is very easy to carry.


Furthermore, when you are lying down on the beach or the ground, if there is a pillow, that would be great! If you bring your home pillow, it would be too big and inconvenient to carry. Here we have a pillow make you more comfortable when you are resting or sleeping. The size of the pillow is big enough and its designed is to make you more comfortable. Even if you are outside, you still could have a better rest or better sleep with this pillow. A better sleep could give you more energy to have fun on your vacation.

Both of these products are pretty small and lightweight, for those of you who don't like to go out and bring a lot of stuff, you will love them.