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Save Extra Space On A Road Trip --060

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If you like going on road trips, you might wonder where you can store your belongings without a bag in your car. Fortunately, you can make extra space with this car trash bag!

It’s not only for trash, it is also for other necessities that you would take with you on your road trip such as sunscreen, snacks, water, etc. This is a must have! With a tight seal, your waste will be kept cleanly inside, no need to worry about bacteria or other germs entering into your bag. A nice feature that I like about this bag is that it has a water resistant lining inside. This means that the bag won’t leak and it can even function as a cooler for your drinks. On a hot day, it’s impossible to keep your drinks cool in your car. With this bag, I put ice and water inside and stuffed it with drinks. Be careful though, bumpy roads may cause a mess in your car.

With two pockets on the side, and a big interior, you can put a variety of things in the bag. What’s great about this item is the ease of using it. It’s as simple as hanging it on your headrest. It can also stand alone on the floor or attach itself to the center console of your car. There are many ways to customize how you want to install it in your car.

This is a super handy item that fits on any car. It saves space and clears up clutter for you while also acting as a cooler, keeping your food cold. I was on a road trip the other day, but when you have so many people in the car, there’s no room to settle any of the snacks. And if you leave your snacks in the trunk, it won’t be accessible unless you stop the car. That’s why I highly suggest this item!