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Protect Yourself From The Glaring Summer Sun --059

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Driving in a hot car is an uncomfortable experience. Alongside that, harsh UV rays are hitting your skin and damaging your cells if the light is intense enough. In the middle of summer, it is not uncommon to go through this. Why not protect yourself from these dangers? We recommend a sun shade for your window! This specific sun shade we have is not quite the same as your typical one. Unlike other sun shades, this one is attached to your window and can be rolled up and down. This means that you won’t have to store it and install it every time you want to use it. The installation is simple, with the suction cups attached, you just stick it onto your window, and you can also reposition it to your own convenience. A button on the side let’s you automatically roll it up or down. Another bonus feature is the mesh screen that allows you to see through your window while driving. You can’t do that with a reflective sun shade cover. It’s perfect for protecting your child or your passengers from the harsh sun, and if you forget to bring sunscreen for a long road trip, then this might come in handy.