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Personal Experience With A Sleeping Mask---062

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The long summer days means there will be more sunlight. For some of us, our sleeping schedules are shifted to later times due to us getting out of school or going on vacation. For the late sleepers, it might be hard to stay asleep because there is more light in the morning. Sure, you can just close the blinds or curtains, but that takes too much effort compared to wearing a sleep mask. Sleep masks are designed to block out light so you can sleep better. The simulation of darkness will positively influence your ability to sleep. Getting a quality sleep mask is important. Some sleep masks have a special contoured shape that is in line with your face, providing maximum comfort. Though it is heavier in design, it may be more comfortable for some. Other sleep masks may have no padding, but it is lightweight, which draws less tension to the face. It’s all preference and you can choose the style you like.

Normally I have a hard time sleeping for a full 8 hours because I keep waking up every night at 4 am for no reason. It must be some type of disturbance with the morning light. I decided to test if a sleep mask will help me sleep better. It turns out that wearing a sleep mask while going to bed does indeed help you get a better night of sleep. I have done some research for this case. Being in complete darkness will help your body produce more melatonin, which is the chemical that induces sleep. If you want to further enhance your melatonin levels, you can also put on ear plugs. Blocking out noise while simultaneously blocking out light will help you sleep drastically better. Sleep is a common issue because we are always so busy with either work, class, or family. It can be hard to get a nice and healthy 8 hours of sleep. Purchasing a sleep mask has changed my life. In a noisy and bustling area like New York City, it will be hard to slot in a good night’s rest. 

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