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New Fans to Cool you down in Summer --068

Posted by Cindy Z on

In summer, people would like to stay in a cool place instead of going out because it is hot outside. However, you have to go to work, go to buy some groceries or hang out with friends so it is hard to avoid the hot weather. The hot weather makes people uncomfortable and hard to focus, some people may even have heat stroke if they stay under the hot weather for a certain of time. Here, we will suggest you to bring a small fan with you wherever you go, it could help you cool down a little bit.

Here we have some new fans for you. First of all, the design of this fan is nice, there is a carrying handle which is easy to grab. And there is an on and off button, changing mode button and light indicator on the side. Something interesting and different about this fan is it is not only a fan but also a humidifier which could create mist. How do we use it? Just fill some water into the water tank on the top and turn on the changing mode button, the mist will come out right away. This is a nice function for those who are traveling to a dry area such as Las Vegas, it could help you cool down quickly. This fan has three modes to adjust: first mode is the fan itself, the second mode is the mist itself, and the third mode is the fan and mist. We have three different colors which are pink, blue, and green. This fan is rechargeable which it could be charged by micro USB.

The second new fan we have here is called bladeless fan which is different from the mini fan .It is safer for a child to use. Its design is very fashionable and cute.The size of this fan is small and lightweight, you can take it everywhere. You can press the button in the middle to turn it on and change the fan level. There are three fan levels you could adjust. Lastly, it comes with a cradle which so that you could put it on a flat surface without holding it in your hands.

These are the new fans we want to introduce. You can choose any option to your liking.