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Can this be a purse/bag replacement? -058

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Your bag is your best friend. You carry it with you everywhere and put all your necessities in it. Some can’t live without their bag. But when you’re participating in an activity or working out, it will turn into an inconvenience if you bring it along. For this reason, you might consider getting an arm bag. Unlike an arm BAND, this is a BAG, which lets you store not only your phone but other necessities such as small hygiene products, earphones, and makeup items. Though it doesn’t have the capacity to hold a lot of items, you only need the bare necessities when you are doing a light jog or a quick workout. There is an adjustable strap that you can tighten onto your arm. It’s very secure and you don’t have to worry about things falling out. A good example of where to use this product is in the gym. You might not have pockets to carry your things, or you want to listen to music but you can’t hold your phone. You can put your phone in the bag, put on a playlist, and get through the workout fast. Snacks are also an idea you can consider. If you need a quick energy boost during a hike, you can throw some granola bars in there. Overall, this product is very convenient for your typical outdoor activity or other exercises. Since it’s already summer, spending time outside is a must! It can also be a great gift for Father’s day!