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A Unique Take on EARPODS! --071

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The lightning to 3.5mm audio jack cable has been the go-to for many Apple users. Due to the removal of the headphone jack, there have been very few alternatives to this problem. The lightning dongle only served one purpose and it was to connect your wired headphones to it. Wouldn’t you find it inconvenient to carry that many wires around? A dongle and wired headphones may not seem like much, but it can cause a mess since you have to pocket everything.

With all the functions of EarPods, including fast forwarding, rewinding, and a button for Siri, it can serve as a more convenient all-in-one item. If you lost your dongle or you simply don’t have one, you can choose to purchase a lightning headphone. The only con is if you want to use these headphones on another device such as a tablet or PC, you’re out of luck. It’s limited to strictly Apple products with a lightning port. This shouldn’t be a problem if you only planned to buy it for your iPhone.

Another con about this product is that you can’t charge it while listening to music.That’s the downfall of most devices without headphone jacks actually. Luckily, listening to music doesn’t take up much battery life, but for some people that are on the road, or out camping, battery life can be limited.

Overall, the earbuds fit perfectly into the ear. The overall design is very ergonomic, similar to Apple’s EarPods. INSOU’s lightning earbuds are engineered for perfect comfort wear without compromising sound quality.