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A Sharp Mind Requires A Sharp Pencil --051

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Pencils are one of the most common writing utensils, however a huge inconvenience when it comes to pencils is how often it breaks or dulls out. Most pencil sharpeners are a hassle to use and carry because some don’t have a case to hold the fillings, and some require a power outlet in order for it to operate. Despite the problems a pencil comes with, it is irreplaceable because unlike a pen, it can erase mistakes and lets you work on your canvas as often as you need. But what if you had a product that could solve all these issues?

Our pencil sharpener is unique compared to other sharpeners. This one is battery operated, so there is no need to handle with cords or finding a power outlet. It has a casing that stores all your shavings too. When it gets too full, it can easily be disposed of by opening the top. It can also function as a manual pencil shaver just in case your batteries run out, or you want to save power. It’s the perfect item for kids since the safety feature stops the sharpener from working if the lid is open. The durable and sharp blades will give your pencil a honed tip every time.