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A Convenient Item For Roadtrips --074

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Cigarette lighter sockets are unique because most cars usually only have one. When it's occupied, you can’t connect another cigarette lighter device. What if I told you that you can connect a cigarette lighter without taking up a 12v port?

A cigarette lighter socket splitter not only provides an extra cigarette lighter socket, but it also functions as a dual USB car charger. It’s very practical, since you can connect another 12v accessory on top of it. Some fun items could be LED lights, car fans, mini fridges, heated blankets, cup coolers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Think of this scenario. If you don’t have a socket splitter, you can’t charge your device and use another product at the same time. It’s much more convenient to do 2 things at once. If you have multiple devices in your car, you won’t be able to charge all of them if you don’t have enough ports to go around. More ports allow for more charging. Your friends will appreciate you more if you have cables to go around!

Not only does this lighter socket charge your phone, it also displays the battery voltage of your vehicle battery. It's hard to tell when the battery needs to be replaced, so checking it every so often can prevent accidents from happening. Though a battery doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced so fast, if you have an older car, it may be wise to check the status regularly.