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Keep Your Face Clean Every Morning --070

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Using your hands for skin sensitive activities can be a hazard to your health. Hands pick up germs, bacteria and dirt all the time and we hardly notice or recognize it. Even using your hands for something simple, such as washing your face, can be a risk to spreading bacteria around. Sometimes we forget to wash our hands and since we’re so tired in the morning, we may just overlook it.

From my personal experience, I believe that using an electric applicator works even better than using your hands. The facial cleanser we have is a rotary tool that spins a soft brush or foam pad around. This product is excellent in taking care of your skin. There are two speed levels, depending on how gentle or rough you want it. The motion of the application is ideal for washing your face. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. One quick note: it’s recommended that you wet your face before using the cleanser, otherwise it may be rough on dry skin. There are two brush heads that come with this product as we mentioned before. It has a soft foam pad for applying cream and also a brush with bristle. The bristles are strong enough to remove blackheads and whiteheads, making it a powerful tool for you to have.

The cleanser is not only used for the face, you can also use it on other parts of the body. If you have body lotion, you can put the lotion on the head of the brush and then apply it to your skin. There’s not much difference in how the cream is distributed, it’s just more convenient for you if you don’t want to get your hands dirty and wet. It also adds a little extended reach, so if you can’t bend down to apply foot lotion, this will do the job well.

Most appliances are somewhat dangerous to use in the bathroom due to electricity being in potential contact with water. This facial cleanser, however, is powered by a rechargeable battery, so there is no need to worry about a hazard. Simply recharge via USB and you can use it endlessly.

What I like most about this cleanser is that it’s small and fits neatly into bags and purses. Whether you are travelling or staying at home, you don’t have to put extra effort into storing it or carrying it around.

I think this product is great for anyone to use. It’s robust, small, and gets the job done. It applies creams and lotions smoothly without damaging the skin and it also feels amazing.

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