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A Perfect Low Maintenance Dash Cam -075

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When you get into a car accident, judging for who is responsible is the number one priority. To make a case, the evidence is what matters. If you don’t have any evidence, the other party is likely to take advantage of the situation and lie about what happened. Dash cams are great for this situation.

Loop recording allows the dash cam to be recording continuously. That means there will be no missed moments or gaps. When the storage is full, it will loop and start overwriting the oldest clips. Also, it takes note of when a car crash occurs. For example, it will keep the “crash” clips and overwrite the rest of the clips that aren’t significant. You won’t lose any important data.

170 degree wide lens allows the camera to capture the whole frontal view. If there are any incidents that occur, it won’t be missed. You can position the suction cup point in front of the windshield for the optimal viewing angle.

Dash cams are not only great for car crashes, but also for recording incidents such as red lights, wrong turns, pedestrian accidents, etc. It’s always handy to have around and it doesn’t hurt to leave it on. If you connect it to an external battery, you can also leave it on parking mode which can record when a person of a thing gets close too close to your car.

In short, dash cams are a must have. If you pay for car insurance, you might as well get a dash cam too, since it can also be insurance for assigning responsibility to accidents. I had an experience where a car backed into me in a parking lot. I didn’t have any footage and the parking lot didn’t have any footage either. The case was dismissed and I had to pay the damages out of pocket. Lesson learned!

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